About Hila

תמונה שלי לקטלוג

My name is Hila , founder of the company and the initiator and overseer of its product line. Whenever I am asked as to how I came into this line of work, my eyes begin to glitter with excitement, and even longing

The first book I ever read on Aromatherapy (i.e. treatment using essential oils) was given to me by my mother. For some reason, she thought this topic would evoke certain interest in me. At the time, I had just completed my BA in Communication and Business Management and viewed the book as nothing but reading material for leisure time

I was indeed enchanted by the depictions, explanations, images and other features the book had to offer…it was as if I began to experience the wide spectrum of scents emerging from its pages. Toward the end of the book, the author proposes a kit of 7 basic essential oils, which she deems necessary in every household…naturally I rushed to the shops to purchase them

I began my respective journey with home trials, which included use of oils in a bathtub, burner, on gauze and as part of a massage. At the same time, I began acquiring many books on Aromatherapy and was even more captivated by the world of medicinal plants. My thirst for knowledge and enrichment only grew with regard to this field.

As part of my desire to learn and evolve, I joined Ran Herbs Ltd as a laboratory worker. There, I became acquainted with hundreds of different plants, the manners and techniques in which they are used, their various names and medicinal attributes. Shortly after, I took on the role of Laboratory Manager and later became the Operational Manager of the entire clinic. During my work in the clinic, I have acquired great therapeutic knowledge and experience with respect to the world of natural pharmaceutics, and was even blessed with the added value of seeing the plants in their original form (i.e. roots, leaves, seeds, etc), color, scent, texture, etc – much beyond what any school for the study of medicinal herbs would have to offer through means of professional literature.

Throughout that entire period, and at the end of each workday at the clinic, I continued to develop my product line. At first, my line of customers included mainly friends and family members, but slowly that grew. The responses and encouragements imparted upon me by customers have motivated me to pursue my endeavors and develop the Halo Product Line so to enable many others the joy of using these products

As a clinical herbalist (practice of diagnosis and treatment through medicinal plants), the objective I always adhere by is the production of quality products from medicinal plants in order to provide you with the ultimate nurture and care for both body and soul. I do not compromise on the quality of the materials I use, and also take extensive part in the production process itself

I owe my greatest thanks to my mother, an amazing woman who sowed in me the first seed in this remarkable process of learning and creating. She had stood by me throughout my progress, tried new products, expressed her opinion, and mainly embraced me with much love and security. She was always one to encourage the pursuit of happiness. It was my mother who introduced this magical world to me without even intending so. Though she took a big part in my development, my mother passed away from cancer in February 2005. The butterfly in the company’s logo symbolizes freedom and vision, elements she had embedded deeply in both my sisters and me during our childhood. My mother accompanies my every step as my butterfly to always remind me how important it is to be free, happy and create from a profound place of genuine love.

Hila Azran, Qualified Clinical Herbalist Cl.H, graduate of the local branch of the prestigious Canadian establishment Wild rose College of Natural Healing, member of the Israeli Association of Medical Plants and teaches natural pharmacy in Seminar Ha’Kibutzim Complimentary Medicine College.