About the company

About the company

Hila herbal cosmetics ltd, is a young company that believes in the development and production of high quality skincare products that promotes health and beauty as one. The company’s vision is to supply our clientele products made of organic medicinal plants extract, with high therapeutical concentrate, for the best available cost, while never compromising the quality of the product.

Hila Herbal cosmetics Ltd raises the banner on man’s genuine connection with nature. Incredible compatibility lies between the human body and the nature surrounding it. Plants have forever blessed us with solutions to various problems in terms of both health and cosmetic aspects.

Our approach

In our approach, we refer to our body’s outer envelope as an inseparable part of our existence while aspiring to achieve harmony between body and soul. After all, our skin is without a doubt a reflection of our emotional wellbeing.


Every shrub, tree and flower contains several active components, which posses a variety of medicinal attributes. The combination of plant extracts and oils found in our products enables the distinct therapeutic action of each product and provides its unique scent.


The raw materials we use are carefully selected. They are of high quality and meet the severe worldwide standards set by G.M.P and B.P. The oils and extracts are acquired from both local and overseas agriculturists – some are organically grown. The plant soaking process is carried out physically, without any means of technology, which may harm the quality of the plant.

The Surrounding

As sound believers in man’s close relations with nature, we support every aspect in the struggle for preservation of nature, and even endeavor to promote this matter. All packaging of our raw materials undergo recycling, with distinct separation of plastic, paper and glass. We would be delighted to receive any help you may have to offer with respect to our recycling endeavors. After all, our kindness to nature will assure its kindness to us. Our products have never been tested on animals and are approved by the Ministry of Health. Each of our products constitutes a unique and pampering experience designed to bestow upon you much more than mere beauty.